Tips for Hiring a Designer

Many small businesses use the term “full branding” when they are looking to brand their products or services. What does that term mean, though? It will often mean different things to different people. Each designer will offer their own full branding package that may include different things.

To me, full branding in its most basic form includes a logo, a website that also includes a blog, and your basic stationery. Creating these visuals is just one piece of the branding puzzle, though. The biggest part is how a client feels after they meet with you and the impact you leave with them. It is about how you make them feel while they read an email sent by you. These things are what truly makes your brand, not just the visual designs.

There are some things to keep in mind, though, when you are looking to hire a designer for the visual part of your branding:

  • What is their background? You will likely prefer to hire a designer with a background in business. This will give them a better understanding of what you will need to make your business successful in marketing to clients.
  • Will they help you define your ideal niche and clientele? You must know who you are marketing to so you can build your visuals to draw them in. Having a pretty design isn’t enough. The designer will need to build all your visuals around the ideal clients to attract them to your business.
  • Does the designer offer all you need to use for consistency in your business? Having the necessities like a logo, website, blog, and stationery is a great start, but you will many times need a lot more than that. To keep your business consistent, you will want a Facebook cover, Instagram templates, an email signature, and more. If you can create them yourself, then great. If not, you will want to choose a designer that can provide them for you. You will want all your visuals to be consistent.

Hiring a designer is one of the most important first steps of getting your business recognized by potential clients. Do your due diligence and ensure you are getting the best designer for your money and your needs. You will be glad you did!