Managing the Reputation of Your Business

When you own a small business, your reputation is everything. If you make a mistake or don’t please a customer, your reputation can be destroyed online and within your town. It takes a lot of work to avoid the issues that come along with a bad reputation. Below are a few ways to keep your reputation in good standing and manage your reputation when it gets hurt.

To help your business have a good reputation, consider creating a mailing list. Have people sign up for your list by offering them an incentive such as a coupon or a discount. You can also give a reward for referrals to further increase the names on your mailing list. The reward can be anything from a coupon to a video offering a tutorial that your customers will find useful.

If you have a sale or a promotion that is private, keep it that way. If you are in the process of rectifying a bad situation, this is especially important. Otherwise, people may try to take advantage of your business.

Many times, customers will leave feedback online. When you respond to them, make sure you call them by their name. Your customers want to be treated as an individual by your business rather than just another customer on your long list. Calling them by name helps them to feel like you value them.

Give a survey to your current customers. Many times, the suggestions they give you will help to improve your products or your company overall. There are many ways to give them a survey. The most prominent ways are to send a survey to all the customers that are on your mailing list or to add a suggestion box somewhere accessible at your business.

Though it may be tempting, never post fake comments or reviews just to make your business look good. Most customers can recognize when they are being tricked and they will no longer trust your company or you. This will likely cause you to lose more customers than you gain.

As stated before, your reputation has a lot to do with how successful your business is in the future. The best way to keep your reputation in good standing is to repair any issues as soon as you can to the best of your abilities. Following the tips above will help you to keep your good reputation both online and in your town.