Being Efficient and Effective

When it comes to small business, the goal is to have a system that is both efficient and effective. We want things to work well and work fast. If they are not, we need to figure out a way to do them differently.

Making your systems both efficient and effective helps to keep your business stay afloat, even when it is hectic. Whether you do landscape or you are a doctor, we all need the time savers that help us get things done. It can be a challenge, though, to commit to making a system that is efficient and effective, but the time you spend building it will be well spent. Yes, there is effort that must be put in on the front end, but there will be many rewards in the end. Besides, you owe it to yourself to make your business exceptional.

There are a few things you will want to do to make your business effective. Some of them include:

  •  They are replicable. When you go in to edit something, be sure to follow the same process again and again meaning that, every time you edit, you become faster and better at your edit.
  •  Your system is scalable. In our business, we have a client management system that we have used for years. In the beginning, it could support a few clients and, now, it can support fifty or more. If you use a good system, it will have the ability to grow with you over the years so you will not need to reinvent the wheel each time your business grows or somehow changes.

  • Make what you do teachable. The best systems out there are the ones that you can teach to others. For instance, if you hire a studio manager, you want to be able to easily teach them how to design your albums or do your edits so they can do them well.

After your system that is effective is in place, you can begin the process of automation. There are many tasks each day that you do repeatedly. Perhaps you must answer the same questions again and again for your clients, follow up with client emails, design albums, post something to social media, sent out invoices and contracts, or even import and export your images in the same way. A lot of these tasks can be automated, saving you time. It is almost like magically adding more time to your day. Those minutes can quickly add up to hours and days that you can use doing other things that you enjoy.

Maybe you want more time with your family. Well, go for it! Automate more of your work so you can have more time living. Making your business more efficient and effective will help you to get the most from it. It is the smart way to grow and become better.