About RTP

Have you ever noticed how lonely entrepreneurs can be? We tend to just do our work and go home, not making any connections with others outside of our little bubble. Well, we are here to change that.

The Rising Tide Press began as a small idea to bring entrepreneurs together and is now growing into a community of creative people from all industries and backgrounds. We unite for one reason: to build community locally while transforming the creative industry.

The main way we build community is through hosting monthly gatherings in large cities across the country. In these gatherings, small business owners come together and build relationships while expanding their creative landscape. This gives those businesses, that are typically found sitting at their desks day after day in front of the computer, a way to engage with others within the community. These creative people include artists, bakers, boutique owners, photographers, and many more. These meetings have helped to transform the mindset of the members from one of competition to being a community of like minded professionals.

We have now begun moving beyond our monthly meetings to providing education to our small business owners. We are motivated to keep the education both affordable and accessible to all who want to learn. That is where this page comes in. This page is dedicated to free information for our creative community. We hope you will pull up a comfy chair and join us as we build a stronger community together!